His Twisted Sisters

February 8, 2008

I will praise You in the storm….

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     As a result of the severe storms Tuesday night, I am praising Him even more today.  I AM safe.  I have my home.  My friends and family are safe.  I can sleep in my own bed tonight.  I can go to the refrigerator anytime and get a glass of milk or a snack.  Yes, I can take a shower or use the bathroom without wondering where or when the next time I do that will be.   I have a clean change of clothing and can brush my teeth every day.  Yes, I WILL praise Him in this storm that I was spared from. 

      And now I will be praying for those who have nothing. Those who lost so much.  My worldly problems are so selfish compared to all of those and I am ashamed.

     I will also pray that the devastation of those who suffered will make us look at our lives and be reminded that the things of this world are nothing.

     I love you all am I praising Him in this storm that I have you in my life,



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