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February 13, 2008

Faith Reminder

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This is part of one my devotions this morning and I wanted to share it with you all.  It was titled “Shut The Door” by Cindy Lucas.

I wonder how many opportunities we miss to experience God’s faithfulness because we settle for what makes sense to us.  We must shut the door to our way of thinking so that we can hear and obey God’s instructions. Faith in God’s ways means that we don’t understand or have all the answers. Faith knows that with God ALL things are possible. Faith believes NOW what it hopes to see in the future. Faith trusts God’s ways above our own. Faith shuts the door to fear and opens the door for God’s grace to pour forth in our lives.

So whatever problems you may have in your life, let me encourage you to go boldly to the Throne of Grace and ask God for His help. Only He has the solution for your situation and only He can give you the power to do what needs to be done. Shut the door to doubt, fear, worry and unbelief. Listen for God’s still, small voice and then do what He tells you to do. Enter into His presence and shut the door to the world around you. Allow the fullness of God’s love to fill you so that in all things and in all ways you will have an overflow of God’s provision in your life.

Prayer: Dear LORD, Thank you for Your ever present help in my life. Forgive me for all the times I have not sought Your answers for my problems. I confess that apart from You I can do nothing. Help me to Shut the Door to all the negative voices that drown out your voice and give me ears to hear You. Thank You for showing me the right path to take and for walking with me every step of the way. Your ways lead to light and life and I choose follow Your ways. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


January 22, 2008

Lynnie Pooh Update

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Spoke with her on the phone this evening.  She was so excited to hear from me – I thought she was gonna jump through the phone.  Awww ya’ll … we need to call her more!! She misses us so much … she nearly cried!   I made her laughed with my silly wit and we also shared notes on caring for someone in the condition her brother is.  (stuff I learned when Gary was sick) I feel it gave her comfort to know that she is doing everything she should and for the right reasons.    You know … encouragement.   🙂 

 She is such a sweet lady and I pray God blesses her in many way ways.  I told her we would come by and yesterday at church her daughter said the evening would be a good time.  We need to do that for her.  Any body up for it?

Ya’ll be careful tomorrow if we get that nasty ice stuff.  I love you!


January 17, 2008

NurseTee update

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Daughter & baby are doing fine.  Sent back home with meds to stop contractions.  Thank you God for answering our prayers, and thank you all for praying.


January 16, 2008

Nurse Tee’s baby on the way to hospital

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Savanna is on the way to hospital tonight 10pm Tuesday pray they can hold Shelby in a little while longer Camden is here with Bill and I until Johnathan can come to get him.


January 15, 2008

Hup, One, Two, Three, Four……

Hiya!!  Well, my day started off terrrrific!!  I met Retta24him & NurseTee at Retta’s house to go walk.  Yes it was hard, very hard to get my but outta bed on such a cold, brrrr morning, but I did it as I had told them I would. 

I pulled up to the house and the lights were on. (good sign)  There was Retta sitting on the puter.  I just got my coat off and there came Tee.  We all three wrapped up went outside and we were off. 

I led since I had many days of pacing hubby when he was in training for the AT.   This morning I heard the same little grumbling in the back of me “How far are we gonna walk?”  “We aren’t walking up THAT hill are we?” (you know who you are) , but that got quiet and turned to laughter once we warmed up.

I’m proud to say we walked one mile in the seventh hour of the morn!!  Then later we walked another 1/4 mile to Calculator’s parents house – JoJo went w/us.  SO 1.25 miles for us!!  WooHoo!   See … it wasn’t that bad.  Now if we can get outta bed in the morning and do it again will be the big test.  TeeHee!

Oh yeah — we also did our book study this morning.  E joined us, too.  Have ya’ll read John chapter one yet?  My, My how God talked to us in that one ….. and the memory verse for today.  Blew me away for sure.

Okay sisters……. I pray God be with you the rest of the week to see you through.  Call me if you have any struggles and I’ll do the same.

BTW – Friday be at my house for a Beauty Shop party and to meet our out of town guest.  Who needs color?  Call me. See ya.


January 10, 2008

News (not me but the real thing)

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Didn’t know if ya’ll had all heard, but John Hall’s ultrasound showed nothing — naata — nunya -no cancer!  Praise God and Haleluyer! 

I had an ultra sound done today on my gallbladder.  Went to lunch with LoLo and LeLe – we made good choices on our food selections.  Discuss the program, prayed, talked about the scriptures, ideas, etc.  We have so much to share this coming Sunday.  I’m facilitating and I have some great ideas for Sunday.  If ya;ll bring food — keep it healthy!

T is feeling better and back to work today, but now Retta’s hubby is down with it.  😦  Keep him in your prayers sisters.

Good night my sweet sisters.  I love you all. (when I can remember who you are)


January 9, 2008

Prayers needed

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John Hall (Retta’s son) had his Ultra Sound yesterday and they are waiting for the results.  Meanwhile he has a terrible cold/flu.

Sister Theresa is down and out with bronchial stuff.

I go to doc in the morning for tests – potassium, cholesterol and hopefully find out about the pain in my right side.

Love ya’ll


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