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August 6, 2008

Bible Study

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Since some weren’t able to attend study this past Sunday, I thought I would hits some highlights.

We started on day eight:  discussed the meaning of the word “Hallow”  and read both Isaiah 36 & 37 and discussed the questions.  Karney & Meheeco shared with us the history in 36.  If you have a chance, look at Hezekiah’s prayer on page 45.  It’s awesome!!

Day nine brought us to the meaning of the word “veracity” pg 50  HB was at his puter, so he looked up the word for us ~ frankness, importance, Truth, accuracy.   “We do not need vain repetition. Our worship is based on Truth, not on emotion; it is based not on the fervency of our words, but on the faithfulness of our God.” pg 51  You will find the second paragraph pg 53 is quite interesting.  “The “something ” that seems to be missing in their Christan experience, is really “SOMEONE” – the blessed indwelling of the Holy Spirit”!

Day ten: Wow … now this is a good one!  We discussed the meaning of the word “allegiance” and what it meant in our walk. ” “ThyKingdom come” is a confirmation in prayer of our allegiance to the sovereign rule of the Kingdom Of Gos above all else.   All pages could have been highlighted in this chapter! We all especially honed in on the word “churchchianity” – putting the Church first in lieu of CHrist, which is what Christianity is all about.  “People know much about the word but little about God.” pg 57. The last paragraph on page 59 was right up there, too.

While there was a lot more discussion than I can write down, I hope this brings you all up to date to chapter 11, where we will continue next week.

Blessings to all and y prayers are with you.

Love ya … mean it!!!


Excepts taken from “Lord Teach Me To Pray in 28 Days”, Kay Arthur


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