His Twisted Sisters

June 12, 2008

My turn

Filed under: Daily — by Cinny @ 6:38 am

Well, I guess it’s my turn to take care of a sick loved one.  Hasn’t this been the theme of many of us TS lately?

Sunday night right before our Bible Study began, John said he wasn’t feeling too well and asked me  to take his temp —- I did it was 103.  I freaked!  He had me look at his leg cause it was bothering him.  I did and freaked once more!!!  The Mexican had gotten there by then and she agreed there was definitely a problem.  We waited for Nurse Tee to arrive to have look see.  Yep, we needed to call the doc she said right away.  By this time others had arrived – Manda, Retta, Pamie, and Karney. Mexico anointed John with EVOO and we all held hands and prayed over him.  Then we were off in Lolo’s ambulance service to the ER with Nurse Tee tending to me AKA Nervous Nelly in the back seat. 

It didn’t take long at the ER – he was wheeled in and checked out and here I sit at John’s bedside ever since.  They’ve got him on strong antibiotics and he seems to be doing better.  Had a rough night Monday with high fever — actually scared me.  I sat in the recliner holding my Bible praying waiting for Tee to come — she was working right next door and I called her.   They got his temp back down and he has been doing good.  Had a little fever yesterday, but none today.  His leg is still really swollen and red.  Doc says we’ll see how all is tomorrow before he decides to let him go home.  John will have some more tests to find out why this is happening – remember last year?  Same thing.

Thanks to all of you praying, calling and your concerns about my Hunny Bunny…… and thanks to Lolo for bringing me her laptop.   Mostly, thanks to my Lord for continuing to remind me that He will never give me more than I can handle.  I did talk back to Him and tell Him I really didn’t want to do this again.   🙂   He understood and forgave me for talking back.  

Love you all,



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