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June 16, 2008

Home again, home again, jigdy jog…

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That’s what my step-dad always said when we returned from along trip ….. and I feel like I’ve been on a long trip!! 

John got his release papers and we got home about 11:30am.   And guess what I did … yep .. got on my big ‘ole couch … oh how I missed it!!  We took a long nap and woke up to watch the U.S. Open finish. 

I gotta call the doc for an apt for next week, and in the mean time keep a close watch on his leg.  He is on Keeflex for seven days, but other than that he feels great.

Thanks again to all who prayed, came by, called and helped out in many other ways.  I love you guys!!

Maybe I can get back to my routine here soon.






June 13, 2008

upate on Hunny Bunny

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Had an MRI … looks like we’ll be here over the weekend.  No fever, but redness is a concern.  MRI will give us a better idea of whats going on.  I went home had prayer with Retta, Mexico and Nurse Tee, had a yummy lunch at LaPlaza w/Tee, showered, did bank business and paid some bills.  Returned to hospital and gave John a shower……brought back memories from ten years ago taking care of Gary.  John feels much better now that he has freshened up…….. just resting and taking in the Vancomycin and liquid steak.  Talk to ya’ll later on. 

Love ya,


June 12, 2008

My turn

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Well, I guess it’s my turn to take care of a sick loved one.  Hasn’t this been the theme of many of us TS lately?

Sunday night right before our Bible Study began, John said he wasn’t feeling too well and asked me  to take his temp —- I did it was 103.  I freaked!  He had me look at his leg cause it was bothering him.  I did and freaked once more!!!  The Mexican had gotten there by then and she agreed there was definitely a problem.  We waited for Nurse Tee to arrive to have look see.  Yep, we needed to call the doc she said right away.  By this time others had arrived – Manda, Retta, Pamie, and Karney. Mexico anointed John with EVOO and we all held hands and prayed over him.  Then we were off in Lolo’s ambulance service to the ER with Nurse Tee tending to me AKA Nervous Nelly in the back seat. 

It didn’t take long at the ER – he was wheeled in and checked out and here I sit at John’s bedside ever since.  They’ve got him on strong antibiotics and he seems to be doing better.  Had a rough night Monday with high fever — actually scared me.  I sat in the recliner holding my Bible praying waiting for Tee to come — she was working right next door and I called her.   They got his temp back down and he has been doing good.  Had a little fever yesterday, but none today.  His leg is still really swollen and red.  Doc says we’ll see how all is tomorrow before he decides to let him go home.  John will have some more tests to find out why this is happening – remember last year?  Same thing.

Thanks to all of you praying, calling and your concerns about my Hunny Bunny…… and thanks to Lolo for bringing me her laptop.   Mostly, thanks to my Lord for continuing to remind me that He will never give me more than I can handle.  I did talk back to Him and tell Him I really didn’t want to do this again.   🙂   He understood and forgave me for talking back.  

Love you all,


June 6, 2008

6.5.08 In the Air Again

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Well, its been a few days since my last post.  Sister Cinny got here on Sunday morning (6.1) and we had a good day, despite the circumstances.  Again, I cannot say enough good about the hospice and its staff – wowza.  Sunday nite was hard as my mom had a grand mal seizure and we were pretty sure she was going to pass away after that.  Everyone came back to the hospice in the middle of the nite to say goodbye (Cindy & I were there when the seizure took place – it was our turn to sleep over).  But mom rallied and stayed with us another 28 hours!  She passed away at 4:20am (ET) on June 3, 2008.  She went peacefully and I was given the gift from God of being able to be there and hold her hand as she left this earth and headed to the welcoming arms of Jesus.  I am quite sure my dog Nicholas was waiting at the gate for her also – he loved his Granny so much.  The rest of the day was spent sleeping (very tired), going to the funeral home to finalize matters, calling folks with the news, then a wonderful dinner with family and friends.  My Cinny and JohnBoy treated me to two nites at a hotel, where we could swim and relax.  Oh that pool felt so good, and sleeping on a real bed was grand also!  The next day we did not wake up until 10am!  That was quite a feat for Cinny, as she never sleeps that long, and I seldom sleep that late anymore.  Then it was time to head to the house and gather up clothes for donation, go through personal things and help Ken out.  Afterwards it was a little shopping, dinner, and a mission of espionage by Nancy Drew & Crew (although we looked more like Lucy and Ethel in our attempt to be incognito).  Long story that really needs to be told in person to do it justice.  Then back to the pool for an evening dip and relaxation.  We watched a movie and kept track of the Red Wings game – WooHoo!  My team won the Stanley Cup again!  Today was more relaxing by the pool and then over to the house to finish some work for Ken.  Then we had a great dinner with Ken and are now sitting in the Tampa airport awaiting our journey home.  It will be so good to see my hubby and my puppies, especially my little DrewDrew – I know he is lonely without me.

My darling HayHay got to go home on Sunday and has been doing well – no more swelling or problems.  It appears the antibiotics worked their magic – as did the prayers. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.  We have gotten through a very tough time with much love, laughter and support.  Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to the changes in the coming weeks, especially stepdad Ken. 

The time I spent with Ken, my brother and sister-in-law is some of the most satisfying times that I will always remember.  I just know that God had his plan in place and he drew us closer together than we have been in years, and for that I am so grateful to him.  God Bless you all.



June 2, 2008


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The last two nites have been rough and both times we thought (as did the nurses) that it was the end. Last nite she had a grand mal seizure, it was pretty tough. She is now in a coma. She has not had any kidney/bladder output since Friday. The staff is amazed that she is still here with us, as are we. After two “false alarms” the past two nites, we have devised a schedule – since we are all so worn out. So, I am doing some work and updating everyone and soon me and Cindy are heading out to go shopping and relax for a while away from this place. Yes, Cindy is here and I am so thankful. Had me a good old meltdown on Saturday evening and since David has to be home for the Hayden situation, my best bud came to comfort and look out for me. Its been wonderful. We had a little church service here yesterday and that was great too.

Hayden is out of the hospital and doing ok. They have to watch her closely and she has to stay indoors the next 7 days, but after that, if no recurrance, she should be fine.

Well, I could tell you more, but am so exhausted, I just want to get out of here for a while and go get a Dairy Queen or something.

Peace & Out,


June 1, 2008


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Big bro and sis in law got in around 7pm last nite.  Weirdest thing – I was looking on the computer for an update on the arrival time of their flight and all of a sudden mom started moving her right arm, scratching her ear and smoothing her hair (she had been totally still the entire day).  When seeing her movement, I glanced up, then I noticed my bro and sis in law down the hall.  It was like she could sense her child was now in the building.  She was responsive to him when he came in – unable to speak, but she grunted and tried.  She has been aware of us around and that is good.  She wants so bad to communicate!

After a family meeting last nite with Nurse Terri, we gave the authorization to remove the feeding tube.  It is out now.  She is beginning to display some of the signs of impending death, and we are all hanging around her suite sharing stories, talking to her and keeping vigil.  Her best friend since childhood is here with her husband and what a comfort she is to all of us, as she was such an important part of our lives growing up.  Think of her as what Cinny is to me, she is to my mom. 

Friends and brother and sister in Christ, Pete and Laura, came by today for about 2 hours to visit.  What comfort they provided!  It is so different to have your Christian family with you during a time like this – its like I CRAVE having other believers around me.  Pete and Laura have known my mom for 3 years, having never known her before the stroke.  They went through the photo album I had put together and were so thrilled to see her life in pictures – she has told them many of the stories of her life and adventures, so they got to see some of that in print.  I told Laura about our website and all the sisters and she was so excited to see it  –  I’m hoping to convince her to join us sometime for a WOF conference! 

Well, I’m pooped out.  This day has flown by.  Talk atcha later.



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