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April 30, 2008

Cinny’s Starlog . . . 4.30.08

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Looks like we are going to have a lovely day.  The sun is shininhg.  |As a matter of fact the weather has been great the whole time we have been here.  A few showers here and there and it did rain like cats and dogs while we were in Glasgow, but other than that it’s been great. 

I#ve met Tina#s parents and they are so sweet.  Her mom & I just hit it off talking about everything.  Her dad is hard to understand as he still has a Chinease accent.  Met David#s mom and step father on Saturday.  His mom is just like my mom!!  She fixed us some tea cakes and made sure to mention those were “Eddie’s” favorite.  David & Tina about died when she said that infront of her husband, Tony.  Fanily!!
Today we will visit the famous Stump (church) and go the windmill here in town where they grind flour.  Andwe will get to go to Tina#s store. I can’t wait for that. 
I#m facinated by the chimneys and the arcutecture they have hers.  The houses and buildings and the inside constructions is so different. I love the churches and graves yards and am taking lots of pitcures.  Did I tell you the houses are so close to the road that when we stop I can roll my window downandknock ontheir door?  How weird is that.  All the time they are driving 0 and 60 so close to the houses.  Blows me away.  I get so dizzy on the round-a-bouts.  I#” half to explan more when I see you all.
I love you and will be send messages to LoLo to post ont he webpage, so go there frequesntly.

Carry on Lovey without me ….

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Traveled to Knotingham to watch Hannah play gholf and then it was off to Glagow, Scotland.  Once we go there the road wer so messed us (one was) due to comstructions.  We had to stop to gentlment in guess waht …. yep they had kilts on.  They were nbice ebnough to send in the right dirctionn.  The next dat we went shoping at the Towne Cetre which is the mall around here.  Saw some very interesting things and people.  Of course Roni sticks way out so they know she is a tourist.  I do fine until open my mouth.

We drove back from Glastgow to Lake Windemere and stayed and the Aplegarth Hotel.  It was in an old house. Bwautiful!!   |Got to see a lot of the Sctoish country side with goat and lamb farms.   have tekn lot of picture I’m gionn submit to National Geographic, 

im tired  will tLK MORE IN THE MORNING.’;



April 28, 2008

A Word from our British Toursita . . .

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Hey from across the pond.  I had typed up an email on Friday, but it got lost in the jumble of this computer..
I have had so much  but having a really hard time with the driving the wrong SIde of the road thingy. Whew!! It makes me so dizzy when we go to make a turn.  \i’ve been squealing and Hannah has to assure me they are on the right side of the road. That is something I could never get used to.
We went to Lincoln on Friday to shop.  Lot of kewl stores.  Found a place called Primark that is sorta like Target.  Cheap prices and all.  Then were went Northern Soul Dancing with David on Friday nite.  It was great and everyone was so nice to us.
We to have tea with David’s mom yesterday and then to Skegness last night.It is an amusement place by the shore.  Lots of playing machines – kids stuff for toys.  We had out picture taken in a photo booth.
I”ve been taking lots of photos.  Their chimneys fascinate to no end.& nbsp; The little town they live in is cute, too.  The road are literally in the front door of the houses and they drive about 50 or 60 through town. hen we stop, I can almost stick my are out the window and knock on the doors,   Think of the  term ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!!
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous these past two days.  Like at home 70s sunny.  We are heading up to Scotland today and will be in that area for about 3 days.  Kids have golf and us girls have shop-PING to do.
I need to go for now and gt my stuff ready to put in the care for the drive up north.  Love to all and I do miss you.  Wish you could see what I’m seeing.  Not to worry, you will when I get back.

April 19, 2008

Sorrow and Celebration . . .

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My last post concerned many of us having parents who are ill – seriously ill.  My title said it was the “problem with having friends your own age” but if you read the body of the blog, you realized that it is not a problem but a blessing.  Going through similar circumstances in life, be it school, marriage, childbirth, child rearing, graduations, grandchildren, sick parents, etc. is how our Father designed us.  For “it is not good for man to be alone . . . ”  We were created for relationship with one another. 

Today I am so saddened by the news that not one, not two, but three of our sisters has lost a parent in just the last few days.  And I am here in Florida visiting with my mother, who was near death earier this week herself.  It is a sad time . . . and I know there is sorrow for all of us when we think about Kathy, our sweet darling sister, who lost her talented and witty father.  Oh, how we loved to hear his stories and songs/limericks – he had one for every occasion!  And his sparkling eyes were just the dreamiest you ever did see.  And we think and pray for our sisters Tammy and Cindy and the loss of their mother, who had suffered so much in the past years and wanted nothing more than to go on toward her Jesus.  You just know He was waiting for her with open arms as she reached Heaven.  Can you “only imagine” the joy that both of these wonderful people felt at seeing HIM face to face!!! 

Earlier in the week one of the ICU nurses told me that I needed to be prepared for what lies ahead with my mom.  He said she may not make it – that this latest rally may be her last hurrahh.  I looked him square in the eye and said “I know where my mom is going when she leaves here . . . and I know that I will be with her again.”  That nurse became my friend from that point forward and gave me much information and advice.  He saw something different – he saw Christ in me.  He got it that although there will be sorrow here on earth, there will be tremendous celebration in paradise when the time comes. 

And that makes me joyful . . .

God Bless,


April 10, 2008

The problem with having friends your own age is . . .

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all our parents get sick at the same time!!!  Or so it seems.  Several of us have parents with serious health issues of late, and it seems to have us stressed to the max!  On top of caring for our husbands, children and grandchildren, now we have added responsibilities: our parents!  Oh what role reversal it is when those that once cared for us now require our care.  I hope and pray that I am as gentle, loving, compassionate and wise in caring for my parents as they were in caring for and raising me.  I hope my decisions will be sound, and my heart stay strong.  It seems I have several friends in this same boat, and I know that is their concern also. 

I know there are tons of resources out there in caring for aging parents.  But who has time to read them?  Every doctor visit requires hours of research on WebMD or Wikipedia.  Deciding which hospital or nursing facility or rehab requires hours of research – which is best, will Medicare pay for it, etc. 

Our best resource for these issues is each other.  We need to share our experiences in elder care with each other, so when (or if) that time comes, we have the knowledge to make wise decisions.  So, I guess having friends your own age is not such a problem after all! 

God bless,


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