His Twisted Sisters

March 10, 2008

Moderation vs. Indulgence

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Good morning, my sisters.  I missed you last night, but I was in the middle of a project that I didn’t want to stop. 

I must confess that this last week I have not always been moderate.  I have not always made the best choices in what I eat or how I spend my time (although my overindulgences with food are not what they used to be – Thank you God!).  I’ve done a lot of web-surfing, a lot of knitting, and more TV viewing than usual.  I’ve indulged in a lot of comfort foods.  I have not spent much time with Him.

But, not all immoderation is bad.  I indulged in playing in the snow with my kids, my husband, and my dogs.  I indulged in 2 naps.  I indulged in clearing out and rearranging Jenny’s room (for which I got a big hug).  I indulged in just being home and being a family. 

This morning, I indulged in a little exercise.  While some may not see this as an indulgence, I do.  It’s something that I did just for me, and for this body that God has given me to take care of.

And right now, I’m indulging in a little blog-time with my sisters. 

What God is showing me these days, is that I will slip into some of my same old patterns from time to time, and that’s OK — I’m forgiven when I do.  But He’s also showing me that some things I am meant to indulge in — Him, family, friends, taking care of myself.  He is showing me how to truly live.

I ask His blessing on all of you this week.



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  1. Well said dear LeLe, well said. LoLo

    Comment by histwistedsisters — March 10, 2008 @ 9:46 pm |Reply

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