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March 30, 2008

Preparing for this day – the day of Lord.

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     I woke up this morning to praise and worship songs on Way FM.  This is something that John & I enjoy on Sunday mornings.  We set the alarm to come on early so we can lay in bed and  just  listen to the words …. sometimes singing along …… preparing our hearts and minds to be in worship and praise of Him. 

     We arrive at church at 7:45 Am along with a group of others to pray over the worship team and each and every room of FCC, then we lay hands on our pastor and pray over Him.   It is a very humbling experience.  Anyone is welcome to join us. 

     I just love being in church  – the building in which we talk to Him, sing and worship Him and hear the Words He spoke so many years ago.   I looked forward to the message …. to the fellowship and love.  It helps me to be prepared for the path that He has laid out ahead of me.  It reminds me of who I am in the power of Christ. 

     May God be with you today, ladies.  You are in my prayers and in my thoughts.

    Pray a special prayer for LoLo, our dear sister, who we are all with in spirit as she is in Michigan with her dad, Harry.  We love and miss you, LoLo.





March 28, 2008

God never said it would be easy!!

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I, too, am struggling with managing my moderation.  While I feel closer to God  than I ever have from the study, I just can’t seem to get past this plateau.  I’ve talk to Him about and this is the answer He has given over and over the past few days, but I dind’t hear Him fully until yesterday. 

Every time I open one of the gazillion catalogs I get I thinking to myself “when I loose enough weight”.  All those pretty little girls in their pretty little clothes.   Well …. dontcha know that my Lord knows that I have lost the true focus.  My focus … isn’t that where it all started.  Changing my focus to Him in lieu of my selfish, fleshy, worldly reason.  There is TLD in the cracks of my life again!! 

So I’m starting anew!  Back to the study from the beginning.  I’ll look at it a gazzilion times in lieu of those catalogs.  They are going in the trash  – which is what I did when I first begin WOM – I didn’t even look at them.  Duhh!!

The best part is, I KNOW in my heart that my Father forgives me.  Haleluyer!!  And now I’m doing the 180 …… again.  But He STILL loves me.  Thank you Jesus!

This was a reminder from one of my devotions – “Devotions for Dieters”:

Jesus Christ arose from the dead, glorified and renewed. Before He could ascend to this glory, He had to suffer many things. Much in this life requires sacrifice and suffering before we can attain it. Ask any dieter. The road to thinness is a rugged one. Be-fore we can stand up trimmer and healthier, we must buck up and buckle down. There is very little that is pleasant about dieting, except the end result. Jesus Christ understands what it means to sacrifice better than we ever can. By our sufferings we draw closer to Christ. One day we will reign with Him.

I love ya’ll,


March 26, 2008

Changed heart, if not a changed body

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I just wanted to post a quick note to say hello to all of you and let you know I have been thinking of you. 

I must confess that I have not been into the Woman of Moderation study much at all the last week or so.  My discipline in that area is waning.  However, all is not lost.  I have started reading through the Book of Mark — slowly reading it and absorbing it rather than racing through it as I have in the past.  I am seeing and understanding more than ever before.  It’s like reading this for the first time.  I am curious as to whether any of you have had similar experiences. 

While my weight loss efforts have not been a huge success (although I’m not tipping the scales as much as before), my heart has changed and continues to change.  I find myself praying more often – just a thought or two throughout the day.  I’ve have on several occasions verbally given Him the glory when someone has thanked me for something or complimented me on something.  I have even been responding to friends’ problems with scripture verses (don’t you just love Bible Gateway) and have found them to be receptive – even the non-Christians.  Those of you who know me well know that this is very unlike me.  In fact, it’s not me.  He is starting to permeate my life.  It is a wonderful feeling.

Don’t get me wrong.  My circumstances haven’t changed.  I still live in a messy house and overweight body.  I still have the same old problems and insecurities.  But I have peace — something I’ve sought for as long as I can remember.

I hope you all are finding that same peace. 


March 15, 2008

Update on Sister Sharon

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Sharon left me a message today (did not get to talk to her personally) – she had just returned from the oncologist and had learned that the cancer had NOT spread to other organs!  Praise Him!  She said that although she does not have to go through chemo, she does have to have some follow up radiation – just to kill off any errant cells that might still be in there.  The cancer was a level 3 type cancer, so that’s why the radiation – as a precaution.  She was thankful for our prayers, said she felt them all the way in Missouri!  She loved the gift basket and was thankful for that as well.  Let’s all keep praying for that wonderful woman!


March 14, 2008

What I’ve learned so far . . .

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Since the person who had initially wanted the extra book never claimed it, I have given it to our diet and exercise guru here at the office.  (She also happens to be a friend of mine — yes, I do have other friends.)  Anyway, she asked me to write an inscription in it.  Here’s what I wrote:

I think the reason so many of us fail at dieting is that we are not meant to diet but to enjoy all His gifts in moderation.  Through this study, I have learned that many of the times I overindulge in anything, be it food, entertainment, web-surfing, knitting (yes, knitting), I am usually trying to avoid something.  I have also learned that, when I am facing something unpleasant, I can turn to Him for help and that only a relationship with Him will provide the ultimate satisfaction that I (and all of us) seek.

I am so pleased that you are going to add this to your reference library.  I hope you find it useful in your mission to help others with their health issues.

“Everything is permissible for me.  But I will not be mastered by anything.” 1 Corinthians 6:12

Reading back through this, I am once again reminded how far we have all come and how far we still have to go.  But I so enjoy being a work in progress with the rest of my twisted sisters.  This journey would not be nearly as fun without each of you.  And it is even sweeter knowing that, when we reach the end of the journey, we will get to spend eternity with each other.  Can’t you just hear the laughter?

March 13, 2008

What an awesome day!

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Gosh, almost 80 degrees today – was it just a few days ago we had snow?  This is crazy!  But today was awesome with the warmth, sunshine, signs of spring, birds chirping (Jo Jo’s fave), and just all around greatness!  I feel as if I have been in hibernation for months and have just awoke to such wonder!  Thank you God for today. 

Love, LoLo

March 12, 2008

Exercise is bad for your health!

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Hello sisters.  I am whiny today.  The last 3 mornings in a row, I’ve done about 20 minutes of yoga/stretching, and some tummy crunches.  I’ve even gotten a few miles of walking in since Sunday.  What have I learned?

Exercise is not good for me!  This morning, I leaned over to put lotion on my leg and was treated with a back spasm.  I’ve been walking around ever since looking like I have a stick up my you-know-what.  I’m supposed to go to Girl Scout camp on Friday night and horseback riding on Saturday.  So, I’m going to the chiropractor this afternoon to hopefully get the stick removed. 


On the positive side, He and I had a really good talk this morning.  How have you been.

The Pink is Gone and So is the Green!

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We are neutral for now.  : )

March 10, 2008

Loved the pink – hated the little print!

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My 47 year old eyes just couldn’t take the small print and narrow columns!  So I changed the site again.  Your feedback is appreciated. 

Love to all, LoLo.

Moderation vs. Indulgence

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Good morning, my sisters.  I missed you last night, but I was in the middle of a project that I didn’t want to stop. 

I must confess that this last week I have not always been moderate.  I have not always made the best choices in what I eat or how I spend my time (although my overindulgences with food are not what they used to be – Thank you God!).  I’ve done a lot of web-surfing, a lot of knitting, and more TV viewing than usual.  I’ve indulged in a lot of comfort foods.  I have not spent much time with Him.

But, not all immoderation is bad.  I indulged in playing in the snow with my kids, my husband, and my dogs.  I indulged in 2 naps.  I indulged in clearing out and rearranging Jenny’s room (for which I got a big hug).  I indulged in just being home and being a family. 

This morning, I indulged in a little exercise.  While some may not see this as an indulgence, I do.  It’s something that I did just for me, and for this body that God has given me to take care of.

And right now, I’m indulging in a little blog-time with my sisters. 

What God is showing me these days, is that I will slip into some of my same old patterns from time to time, and that’s OK — I’m forgiven when I do.  But He’s also showing me that some things I am meant to indulge in — Him, family, friends, taking care of myself.  He is showing me how to truly live.

I ask His blessing on all of you this week.


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