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February 28, 2008

Repentance – on the 180 degree turn

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Once an area of darkness (gluttony) has been brought to the light of God’s Word and repented of, don’t look back.  This is the 180 degree turn.  When sin has been dealt with, know that the blood of Jesus Christ covers it and the Lord refuses to remember it.  This is profound … that He, our Lord, refuses to remember it.  Don’t try to bring up the past for it has been covered by by the Lord and He has buried it in the deep seas and sands.  The are forgotten and we must move forward!!  Instead focus on the Word:

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9)

I was for freedom that Christ set us free therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery (Gal. 5:1)

If we say we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk int he light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin (1 John 1:6-7)

There are so many more, my sisters, but not enough room nor time to write them all. 

We must choose to let God’s peace guard our hearts and minds daily through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to prevent further struggle.  If our hearts are not right, then we can not ask for true repentance of our sin of gluttony and it won’t be in faith, but in flesh that we ask.

And that’s all I got to say about that!

Love to all,



Oncologist Visit

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Hi Again,

 I will be having a complete hysterectomy on Tuesday, March 4th  at 7:00 a.m.   Continued prayer would be appreciated.  Many thanks.

Love, Sharon

February 25, 2008

Definition of Gluttony

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This is some info. I found in Wikipedia this morning.  I guess I’m just uneducated on this topic, but I found out gluttony is listed as one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Did you know that?

Here’s the info.:

Gluttony (Latin, gula)

Main article: Gluttony

Derived from the Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. In the Christian religions, it is considered a sin because of the excessive desire for food, or its withholding from the needy.[1]

Depending on the culture, it can be seen as either a vice or a sign of status. Where food is relatively scarce, being able to eat well might be something to take pride in (although this can also result in a moral backlash when confronted with the reality of those less fortunate). Where food is routinely plentiful, it may be considered a sign of self control to resist the temptation to over-indulge.

Medieval Church leaders (e.g., Thomas Aquinas) took a more expansive view of gluttony (Okholm 2000), arguing that it could also include an obsessive anticipation of meals, and the constant eating of delicacies and excessively costly foods.[2] He went so far as to prepare a list of six ways to commit gluttony, including:

  • Praepropere – eating too soon
  • Laute – eating too expensively
  • Nimis – eating too much
  • Ardenter – eating too eagerly
  • Studiose – eating too daintily
  • Forente – eating too fervently

February 23, 2008

Results of Testing

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Hello my dear friends,

 I got a call from the doctor today saying the pathologist report is back on my tests and I have tested positive for uterine cancer.  The cancer is at least a stage-2 at this point because it spread to the cervix.  The doctor made an appt for me at the oncologist for Wed. Feb 27th to determine if the cancer has spread to any other organs or lymph nodes.  After that determination a hysterectomy will be scheduled and I don’t know what else.   That is all I know for now.   Please pray that the cancer has not spread any further.  Thanks for loving me and for keeping me lifted up in prayer.    As for myself, I’m a bit upset in my stomach…I think it’s nerves!  But I am calm about the cancer really because I have never been sick; I take no medications and have no clue what to expect…so I’m dumb and happy!  I love you all.  I am going to set up some type of care page that I can update so I do not have to email or update my progress more than once.  I’ll put the link on this website when I get it done.  I need prayer for setting that up too!  Have a great weekend.

February 20, 2008

Prostate problem

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I think I need to clarify my post from the other day.  I was lying prostrate on the floor.  I do not, as at least one very twisted sister has suggested, have a prostate problem.  I do not now nor have I ever had a prostate — nor do I plan to. 

Again, just to be clear, that was prostrate – P-R-O-S-T-R-A-T-E.

Smart alec!  You know who you are!  🙂


I Hear Him Knocking . . .

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Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.

Revelation 3:20 (NASB)

Last nite I started a book by Leslie Sansone, the exercise guru who does Walking Away the Pounds. She also professes to be a Christian, so I was very interested in seeing what she has to say about diet, exercise and healthy living and how it corresponds to our current study. In the first chapter, she mentions how we need to be grateful for our food. That is how man started saying grace before a meal – to acknowledge where the food came from (God), why its so good (God), and to show gratitude and appreciation for the abundance of food we have (from God). She goes on to say that Americans are the most overfed and under-appreciative when it comes to food. Well, me and fat butt can attest to that. I wolf down food, sometimes not even tasting it! Pinched for time, I’ll be quick to find a drive through and “pick up” something to eat. I hate to think what I just picked up-perhaps an extra inch on my hips, a few extra points on my cholesterol score or maybe just another dimple on my thigh! And because I’m driving, its certainly not the time to be focusing on God and what he just provided me with, so in essence, I just totally cut him out of my little feast!

Over the past few weeks of practicing moderation, I have experienced greater enjoyment of my food when I first open the door to Him. He comes in and we dine together! Would we dare to take a meal just for ourselves, sit down at the table by ourselves and eat in front of our family – never acknowledging or speaking to them? Now, I realize there are extenuating situations where that might happen (you are late and they already ate), but let’s say that they haven’t eaten. They have waited for you to get home so you can eat and chat – share each other’s day. But you blindly enter the kitchen, grab yourself some food, sit down at the table – never talking to any of them – and scarf down the chow. No fellowship; no communion; no thanking the one who prepared/provided the food; no manners!

In my mind, I think about this – how I routinely ignore Christ at feeding time and never ask Him to dine with me, to be a part of this process. We know about the importance of eating together as a family at the table, without TV, computers, newspapers, or distractions – and that is so important – because we need to fellowship with our loved ones. As the #1 loved one in my life, Jesus also needs to be seated at the table with me.

I pray that I will hear His knock on the door, that I stop to open the door, invite Him in, chat Him up a bit and seat Him right next to me at the table so we can dine together. 


February 19, 2008

A Word on “Whoever You Are”

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One of our bloggers continuously gets bogged because someone forgets to sign their posts.  I confess, that would be me.  However, there is an easy way to know who posted or commented – there is a “by-line” after each post or comment.  For example, TwistedLeLe posted “Out on a Limb” – look right after the title and see “by TwistedLeLe”.  Likewise, on the “Soul Pant” post, it says “by HisTwistedSisters” – and that would be me, LoLo-that was my post.  Since I am the site administrator, it will not let me log on as LoLo, so I am always going to post or comment as “HisTwistedSisters”. 

However, with that said, please bear in mind that I will try to do better about signing the bottom of my posts and comments.  But if I forget (or any of us forget), just remember to check the by-line!

 Love to all.  LoLo

Out on a limb

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I’m going way out on a limb here, but I have to tell you about my morning.  Something about Day 5 from last night’s study just spoke to me.  “What God is looking for is intimacy” – and isn’t that what we’re all looking for?  Dee instructed each of us to “get on your face before God and be still.” 

 Well, this is where you’re going to think I’ve completely jumped off the deep end.  I got on my face before God this morning.  That’s right — literally on my face — prostrate on the floor, face down, just listening for Him and waiting for Him.  In those few minutes of holding that extremely humble pose (how could you feel anything but humility when you’re lying face down on the floor?), I felt more intimacy with Him than I have in a long long time – maybe ever.  I’m not one who has ever been comfortable praying on my knees or physically expressing praise (e.g. no raised hands for me during praise and worship), but now I get it.  I understand the “why” of it – it’s to exhibit humility in a tangible way – real humility – where I am finally out of the way – where I can truly meet Him and just be with Him. 

Just a little while after this experience, as I went about my morning, I heard His quiet, gentle voice asking me:
Are you glorifying me in the way you care for your family?
Are you glorifying me in the way you care for your home?
Are you glorifying me by being routinely late for work?  In how you choose to spend your time?
Are you glorifying me in the way you care for yourself?  In what you choose to put into your body?

The answer to all of these questions was a resounding NO!  But you know what?  I am forgiven.  And knowing that, and honestly answering His questions this morning gave me more drive, energy, and satisfaction than I could ever have on my own.

Blessings to all of you.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  And if you happen to drop in on me one morning and see me lying face-down on the floor, don’t worry, I’m not dead, I’m learning to live.

Sweeter than honey

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The ultimate love that will never pass away, the love that is “better than wine”, “sweeter than honey”, is the love of our heavenly Bridegroom.  Growing in intimacy with Him satisfies our soul hunger and helps us to be women of moderation toward the good gifts God gives – including food. 

I pray that you will all grow closer to Him this week.


Does Your Soul Pant?

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As the deer pants for the water, so my soul pants after You . . . Ps. 42:1

Do our souls really pant (thirst, yearn, ache, desire) after God? I mean really, really, really. Not just during those times of trouble and heartache, but even when things are going good?

I want my soul to ache with the need to be with God – day in day out, every day, no matter if there is trouble or things are going great.

How does this relate to being a woman of moderation? Well, for most of my life, day in and day out, I have thought about food. What am I going to eat for (breakfast, lunch, dinner)? What do we have in the pantry that I can nibble on? Do we have any chocolate around here? I feel like something salty/sweet/crunchy/chewy. You know the drill – its nothing new to those of us who need to shed more than a few pounds.

Yes, my soul has panted for pizza, cookies (and dip), ice cream, chocolate, lasagna, etc. To say it is just my body that has desired these items is false – I’ve yearned for these things from the inside. If I had yearned for God, and turned to His word and prayed during all those times I snacked and thought about food, I would/should have a Doctorate of Divinity by now!

Food is not the only item we yearn for. For some of us it is material things, clothes, money, cars, houses, etc. For some of us it is people, children, family, friends, etc. For others it is substances, like food, alcohol, drugs, etc. The common thread is that they are all substitutes for God. They give us temporary relief,  but they never truly satisfy; if they did satisfy, we wouldn’t keep going back!  Only the water that HE provides will provide long term relief, and only the water that HE provides will satisfy.  And we will keep going back to Him because we yearn for him.

In order to drink His water, we must first of all want it – yearn for it – pant for it. Are you thirsty? Tired of getting continuously parched? I am. I want to park myself next to the stream from which the Living Water flows and just drink . . . come with me and taste for yourself.

Signed, Sealed & Posted,


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